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Food & Beverages - Monthly Trend

Source - Dubai Custom

Sector Overview - Food & Beverages

The global food & beverages trade (export + import) has raised to USD 4264.48 billion in 2022 increase of 9.75% compared to 2021 which was USD 3885.67 billion. The food & beverages trade represented 8.51% of the total global trade.

Dubai food & beverages trade was 111.80 billion in 2022, increased of 21.87% compared to 91.74 billion in 2021. food & beverages trade represented 6.08% of the total Dubai trade.
Dubai food & beverages export was AED 23.44 billion in 2022 which accounts for 9.95% of Dubai export. The top exported products were: Cigarettes; containing tobacco (HS Code: 240220), Vegetable oils; low erucic acid rape or colza oil and its fractions, crude (HS Code: 151411); Sugars; sucrose, chemically pure, in solid form (HS Code: 170199). The top export destinations were: Somalia, Iraq, China, Oman, and Libya.

Dubai food & beverages imports were AED 68.19 billion in 2022 which accounted for 6.31% of the total Dubai imports. The top import products were: Cigarettes; containing tobacco (HS Code: 240220), Oil seeds; low erucic acid rape or colza seeds, whether or not broken (HS Code: 120510) and Dairy produce; milk and cream, concentrated (HS Code: 40221). The top import origins were: India, Australia, USA, Brazil, and China.

Dubai food & beverages re-exports were AED 20.17 billion in 2022 which accounted for 3.86% of the total Dubai re-export. The top re-export products: Cigarettes; containing tobacco (HS Code: 240220), Dairy produce; milk and cream (HS Code: 40221) and Whiskies (HS Code: 220830). The top re-export destinations were: Iran, Iraq, Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia and Somalia.


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Source - Dubai Custom

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