Consumption & Income 2022 Country Report

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Household Consumption Expenditure

Expenditure in % of GDP in 2022

1: Expenditure by resident households and non-profit institutions providing households with individual consumption goods and services.
2: Expenditure on individual consumption goods and services and collective consumption services.
3: Including acquisitions minus disposals of valuables.
4: Value of entries into inventories minus the value of withdrawals and value of any recurrent losses of goods held in inventories.
Source: United Nations 2022, Statista 2022

Distribution of Income

Distribution of income

Source: World Bank 2020, Statista 2020

Consumer Spending

Consumer spending1 in 2020

Consumer spending1 in US$4

Note: Regional average value is calculated using data from the countries covered by the sources
1: Average consumer spending per capita of private households
2: Furnishings, household equipment and routine maintenance of the house
3: Miscellaneous goods and services (according to the Classification of Individual Consumption Purposes)
4: Current US$, see glossary for definition of current and constant
Source: Statista Consumer Market Outlook, July 2020 (forecast adjusted for expected impact of COVID-19)