Best Market Comparison

Exporters Gateway provides a "Best Market Comparison" tool for exploring new markets as well as expanding business in the existing markets. The tool enables exporters to choose the best global markets (out of 60 target markets) based on a number of criteria, including: indicators that reflect the demand in these markets, others that reflect risks and others.

Exporter can select based on the choice of one or more indicators. It also enables the exporter to select one or more countries.

Relative weights were used in the comparison between countries according to the selected criteria and indicators, and they are in the following rank:

  1. Import Growth
  2. Trade Agreement
  3. GDP Growth
  4. Risk Assessment
  5. Doing Business
  6. Inflation

* To get results according to target criteria, user can select one ore more than one criteria or All and then click on "Find"

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